About Me

I am a 29 year old developer, currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark. My education has been focused on games, but I currently work with research and innovation in pervasive computing at the Alexandra Institute A/S, a non-profit company that tries to bring research from universities to applications in especially small and medium sized businesses, with offices both in Aarhus and at 5th floor of the IT University of Copenhagen. The work is highly varied, both with regard to technologies and their applications, and through it I have gained some experience in areas other than programming, such as user studies and user interface design.

In my spare time I enjoy playing games, with the only constant ones being EVE Online and Blood Bowl (tabletop and digital). I enjoy good company and cooking for it. When the temperature allows, I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with tent, portable stove and all. I also like going to concerts and other cultural events with my girlfriend. Lastly, I try to keep up with what is moving in the more progressive part of the music industry.