Pot a Plant

Pot a Plant was originally supposed to be a tamagotchi-like plant you could care for on your computer, while trying to grow new species by mixing the old ones. Due to the fact that it was made during a course in game design, however, we had to change the original design because it had to be feasible to perform a normal playtest (that is, within 20 minutes per tester) for the course. Thus, it became a much more common game about watering the plant and giving it enough sun within the short game play.

The game was written in Python and we used Panda3D, just to try it out. We succeeded in making some pretty nice plants I think, and the mixing of plants was pretty cool as well. If you, for example, put a branch with blue flowers onto a branch with red flowers, the result would be purple flowers, etc. So while the game it not great fun, it shows off some nice plants and what Panda3D can do. I shared the responsibility for game logic, getting the engine running and putting everything together with another programmer, while a third handled the 2D interface.