The Witching Hour

Originally made for a course in game development, work continued after the course was over in order to try to win the Make Something Unreal Contest. While we did not win, we got honorable mentions and won an educational award along with other students from our university. The version seen here is a very early one (and the trailer, too), but it actually ended up quite polished. I worked with one other programmer on all the programming involved, as well as setting up the pipeline.

The game is what we coined a "first person haunter", where you either play as spirit or human. The goal is to be human at daybreak - you only get pointers about when it occurs from the chiming of an old grandfather clock - and when spirits kill humans, they take over their body and switch teams. Humans have no defense other than a gun that can slow spirits down and the ability to sprint. Spirits, on the other hand, are invisible when not interacting with the world (opening doors, turning off light, attacking) and can see in the dark, but quite slow and their whispers are heard by humans when they are near. This provides some quite fun, panicked running when human and some sneaking around, turning off lights, when playing as spirit.